Bridging the Gap on HPR1~April 26th, 2017 (Drive Day 8)

Bridging Egg

It’s Day 8 of the HPR Spring 2017 Pledge Drive…and the momentum is starting to pick up… we just need your help to keep it going.  So if you can, please give us a call and give whatever.

The number to call to support Bridging the Gap as well as ALL the programing on HPR is:
(808) 941-3689

Or pledge online at

The special premium for Bridging the Gap is called dj mr.nick’s “Bag-O-Swag”.
It’s also a BONUS gift for a pledge of $10/mo. or more… so pick up something at that level and get the bag too.
Inside will be small keychain USB drive loaded with the best music pulled from the show, as well as a few DJ mixes collected from the last 6 months.

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Set List:

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