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Going Fishing

I am going fishing this afternoon. 1st time in a long while, which made me think of this video….. Hifana’s Wamono: The fusion of Okinawan Folk music, MPC’s and a Psychedelic Disco Fish. I Dream of Japan…………    

“Lovely Bloodflow”

“Lovely Bloodflow” from Baths… I can’t play this on my show due to the Profanity, but please enjoy the video! He Will be Performing as Part of the Hallobaloo Music Festival For more info:

I Miss You Music Video!

Björk- I Miss You Music Video! Holy Fucking Shit it’s like a crazy sexual ride through Ren & Stimpy! Totally Worth it! 

Ice Cream from Battles.

  Ice Cream from Battles.   Shouldn’t you be licking something?