Artist Bio:

Long Version:
dj mr.nick is anything but expected. With a selection that encompasses a wide variety of music from around the world, he is among Honolulu’s most eclectic DJs.  Any of his DJ sets will lead you on a tantalizing sonic journey. One night you may hear delicate Jazz and Bossa Nova, or maybe funky chunky breaks and soul; on another you may here hard, floor packing Electro and House. In any event, he is sure to play something you have never heard before, but will never forget. You can hear his radio program Bridging the Gap every Saturday Night from 6-8pm on HPR2. He also is a member of the Honolulu Downtempo DJ Collective, Kitchen Music Society.

Short Version:
dj mr.nick is one of the most eclectic DJs Honolulu has to offer.  A Veteran DJ of both radio and club, his music selection can span across different genera and styles, pushing the audience, while not going mainstream.

Banzai Sushi KTUH-240

Credit: Christen Vidanovic


Credit: Elise St. Clair