Bridging the Gap on HPR2 ~ August 29th, 2015

Bridging Early Lights
Tonight’s show will feature latin treasures taken from the Atlantic rim mixed into various dark downtempo selections.

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Set List:
Hour 1

  1. Baden Powell- Labareda [Os Afro Sambas]
  2. Fabiano Do Nascimento- Primeria Estrella [Danca Dos Tempos]
  3. Las Rubias Del Norte- Piel Canela [Putumayo: Vintage Latino]
  4. D’Angelo and the Vanguard- Really Love [Black Messiah]
  5. Al Green- Love and Happiness [Greatest Hits]
  6. Mark Farina- Dream Machine [Air Farina]
  7. Ana Firmino (w/ Tito Paris) – Chico Malandro [Putumayo: Cape Verde]
  8. Joseph Kabasele and Le Grand Kalle- Mama Nagi Habanera [His Life and Music]
  9. Makana- Fado [Koi Au]
  10. Natalia Doco- Natural Mystic
  11. CéU- Cangote [Vagarosa]
  12. Suzanne Vega- Caramel [Tried and True]

Hour 2

  1. Lambchop- Up with People (Zero 7 Remix)
  2. Ekova- Sabura (Max Pashim Dark Delight Remix) [Soft Breezes and Tsunami Breaks]
  3. Brigitte Fontaine- Le Goudron
  4. Butch Cassidy Sound System- Here What I say [Butches Brew]
  5. Ska Cubano- Cachita [¡Ay Carumba!]
  6. Novalima- Concheperla [Coba Coba]
  7.  Goodfoot- Dark Soul Whiskey [Unreleased]
  8. Tricky- Overcome [Maxinquaye]
  9. Jazz Liberatorz- Loop Prisioner [Fruits of the Past]
  10. Moonchild- Just a Minute [Please Rewind]
  11. Radio Citizen (feat. Bajika)- El Cielo [Berlin Serengeti]
  12. Dorothy Ashby- The Moving Finger [The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby]
  13. Buddy Sativa- Una Peripecia [Digging the Blogosphere]


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