Bridging the Gap on HPR2~ July 11th, 2015

Bridging Guitar
onight’s show is going to be strictly guitar driven. Weaving all over the place country to country.
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Set List:
Hour 1

  1. Fabiano Do Nascimento- O Ovo [Danca Dos Tempos]
  2. Bola Sete- Calypso Das Rosas [The Guitar of Bola Sete]
  3. Joseph Kabasele and His Orchestra Le Grande Kalle- Jolie Nana [Le Grand Kalle: His Life and Music]
  4. Federico Aubele- Postales [Gran Hotel Buenos Aries]
  5. Thievery Corporation- Barrio Alto [Frequent Flyers: Buenos Aries]
  6. Pace De Lucia- Entre Dos Aguas [Entre Dos Aguas]
  7. Stephane Wrembel- Bistro Fada [Midnight in Paris OST]
  8. Carlos Barbosa-Lima- Perfidia [Mambo #5]
  9. Baden Powell- Canto De Ossanha [Os Afro Sambas]
  10. Fabiano Do Nascimento- Primeria Estrella [Danca Dos Tempos]
  11. Debashish Bharachattyra- Sujan Re [Mahima]
  12. Makana- Deep In A Hawaiian Rain Forret [Koi Au]

Hour 2

  1. Sonny Chillingworth- Charmarita/Malasadas [Sony Solo]
  2. Makana- Ku’u Lei’ Awapuhi [Koi Au]
  3. David Yamasaki- Stairway to Heaven [Hawaii 5/4]
  4. Ozomatli- Aqui No Sera [S/T]
  5. The Doors- Spanish Caravan [Waiting For the Sun]
  6. Rodrigo Y Gabriela- The Russian Messenger [9 Dead Alive]
  7. Quantic- Mishaps Happening [Mishaps Happening]
  8. Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery- ODG (Road Song) [Songs from the Verve Hi-Fi]
  9. Fabiano Do Nascimento- Canto De Imanja [Danca Dos Tempos]
  10. Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil- Cinema Novo [Tropicália 2]
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