Bridging the Gap on HPR-2 ~ May 16th, 2015

Tonight’s show is going to be a collection of longer songs, some pretty, some intense but as always an eclectic selection.

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Set List:
Hour 1

  1. Desmond Williams- Um Favor [Delights of the Garden]
  2. Rosalia De Souza- Maria Moita [Garota Moderna]
  3. Cléon & Jazzy Piday- Samba A L’Areoport [Freedom Sound EP]
  4. Sam Mangawa- Galo Negro [Putumayo: Afro Latino]
  5. Chucho Valdes- Rhapsody in Blue [Briyumba Palo Congo: The Religion of the Congo]
  6. Buena Vista Social Club- Black Chicken 37 [Lost and Found]
  7. The Spam Allstars- Ochimini [Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes]
  8. Ticklah- Mi Sonsito [Ya Llego EP]
  9. Bixiga 70- Kalimba [Kalimba/Ocupai EP]
  10. Quantic and His Combo barbaro (feat. Alice Russell)- Look Around the Corner [Look Around the Corner]

Hour 2

  1. D’Angelo and the Vanguard- Betray My Heart [Black Messiah]
  2. Mary-Anne Ito- Waking Up [Waking up]
  3. The Books- Classy Penguin []
  4. Vampire Weekend- M79 [S/T]
  5. Hilton FM (feat. Miss Claudia)- Mon Amore [French Kiss]
  6. Gerardo Frisina- Eastern Sounds/Shout It Out [Movement]
  7. Nina Simone- Sinnerman [Compact Jazz: Nina Simone]
  8. Charles Mingus- Haitian Fight Song [The Clown]


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