Bridging the Gap on HPR2- February 7th, 2015

Credit David Steele
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Set List
Hour 1:

  1. Lisa Ono- Manoa [Bossa Hula Nova]
  2. Bebel Gilberto- Samba Da Bencao [Tanto Tempo]
  3. Quarteto Jobim Morlenbaum- A Felicidade [S/T]
  4. Quantic- Aguas De Sorongo [Magnetica]
  5. Thievery Corporation- Meu Distino (My Destiny) [The Richest Man in Babylon]
  6. Orchestra OK Jazz- A Monis Que Namikosa [Africa Boogaloo: The Latinization of West Africa]
  7. Le Grand Kalle- Jolie Nana [His Life and Music]
  8. Lord Brynner- Congo War [Trojan Ska Box Set]
  9. Aldo Del Rio- Tómame O Déjame [El Bardo]
  10. Buena Vista Social Club- Pueblo Nuevo [S/T]
  11. Cucho Valdes- Caridad Amaro [Calle 54 OST]

Hour 2

  1. Jazzanova- L.O.V.E. & You and I [In Between]
  2. Air- La Femme D’argent [Moon Safari]
  3. Mark Murphy- Stolen Moments (Nicola Conte Remix) [The Now Sound of Nicola Conte]
  4. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble- Flipside [Bonobo: Late Night Tales]
  5. Rebirth Brass Band- Let’s Go Get ‘Em [Rebirth of New Orleans]
  6. Charles Mingus- Haitian Fight Song [The Clown]
  7. Nina Simone- Sinnerman [Compact Jazz: Nina Simone]
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