Bridging the Gap- Celebration 2014 Edition!

It’s Celebration 2014
Please, Please donate during my show!
6-8pm on Hawaii Public Radio 2 (89.3fm)
I’m offering three CDS
Each for a donation of $150 or all three for $365

photo 2
Quantic’s Magnetica:
The music on Magnetica is a bridge between day and night, old and new, London to Bogota, traditional to electronic.  It’s a taste of the modern flavors of Colombia, Jamaica, Brazil and Africa, and radiates with musical textures from a dreamy morning to a surging dance floor.

photo 3
Thievery Corporation- Saudade
A haunting, musical definition of the word “Saudade: A longing for someone that is lost, or The love that remains.” The music is a romantic yet wistful multi-lingual journey through modern Bossa Nova.  It’s simply the soundtrack to an evening curled around a future memory.

photo 1
Rodrigo Y Gabriela- 9 Dead Alive
It’s a little like “flamenco on blast” showcasing the talent of two lovers, playing two guitars, with surgical precision and speed.  The songs are a rollercoaster of layered crescendos- plunging into sensual dips.

Set List:

  1. Quantic -Aguas De Sorongo
  2. Thievery Corporation- Meu Nego
  3. Quantic- Painting Sillouttets
  4. Thievery Corporation-
  5. Quantic- You Will Return
  6. Thievery Corporation- Para Sempre
  7. Quantic- Descarga Cuantica
  8. Rodrigo Y Gabriela- The Sound Maker
  9. Quantic- Duvino
  10. Rodrigo Y Gabriela- Torito
  11. Quantic- La Callejera
  12. Rodrigo Y Gabriela- The Russian Messenger

THANK YOU SO MUCH to EVERYONE WHO CALLED IN AND DONATED! You’re helping to keep the show on air!

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