Bridging the Gap- May 3rd, 2014

Bridging Blur
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Set List

  1. DJ Dolores- Trancelim De Marfim [The Now Sound of Brazil 2]
  2. Zuco 103- Na Mangueira [Waaa]
  3. Suba- Samba Do Gringo Paulista [Sao Paulo Confessions]
  4. Nation Beat- A Onde Tem Cerveja Tem Mulher [Legends of the Preacher]
  5. Thievery Corporation- Air Batucada [The Mirror Conspiracy]
  6. Quantic- Tropidelico [Apricot Morning]
  7. La Misa Negra- Cumbia Milagrosa [Misa De Medianoche]
  8. Lucho Neves Y Su Orchestra- Mambo De Machaguay [Peru Marvilloso]
  9. Ondetropica- Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazon [S/T]
  10. Ozomatli- Esa Morena [S/T]
  11. Nickodemus- Mi Swing Es Tropical [Endangered Species]
  12. Bosq of the Whiskey Barons- Pure Candela [Bosq Y Orquesta De Madera]
  13. Peter Rodriguez- I Like It Like That (Aaron Jarome Remix) [Faina Remixed]
  14. Louie Ramirez- Ali Baba [Ali Baba]
  15. The Latinaries- Creation
  16. Willie Bobo- Lisa [Talkin’ Verve]
  17. Dave Cortez- Happy Soul With a Hook (DJ Format Remix) [Faina Remixed)
  18. Panama Cardoon- Tres Reinas [Oye! Strut Spring Sampler]
  19. Batida- Alegria [Dance Mwangole]
  20. Guts- Brand New Revolution [Paradise for All]
  21. Smoove- Summertime [Summertime/A Little Soul 12″]
  22. The J.B’s- Pass the Peas [Pass the Peas]
  23. Greyboy- Unwind Your Mind [15 Years of West coast Cool]
  24. Gerardo Frisina- Bite the Night [The Latin Kick]
  25. Curtis Fuller- Minor Vamp (Basement Boys Remix)[Re:Bop The Savoy Remixes]

    NOTE!!! If you’re listening… The First hour… was from last week! The Computer Auto-fired last weeks show. Sorry!

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