Bridging the Gap on HPR-2 ~ April 26th, 2014 (All Female Vocal Show)


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Set List:

  1. Bebel Gilberto- Samba Da Bencao [Tanto Tempo]
  2. Ramon Leal- Chovendo Na Roseria [Da Chave]
  3. Rosalia De Souza- Mais [Garota Moderna]
  4. Eliane Elias- Agua De Beber (Waters of March) [Plays Jobim]
  5. Astrud Gilberto- Canto De Ossanha [Verve Finest Hour]
  6. Diesler- Into the Woods (feat. Caria Alexander)
  7. Melody Gardot- Mira [The Absence]
  8. [re:jazz]- Quite Nights (Nicola Conte’s “Out of the Cool” Remix [The Modern Sounds of Nicola Conte]
  9. Thievery Corporation- Para Sempre (feat. Elin Melgarejo) [Saudade]
  10. Federico Aubele (feat. Natalia Clavier)- Corazon
  11. Marta Gomez- La Ronda [Putumayo Women of Latin America]
  12. Atis Indepandan-M-Anvi Chante Peyi-M (Singing of My Country)  [Haiti: Ki Sa Pou-N Fe? (What is to Be Done)]
  13. Cesaria Evora- Isolada [Voz D’Amore]
  14. Thievery Corporation- Depth of My Soul [Saudade]
  15. Radio Citizen- El Cielo [Berlin Serengeti]
  16. Shirley Bassey- Easy Thing to Do [Nightmares
  17. Erykah Badu- Times A Wasting [Mama’s Gun]
  18. Sol.illiquist of Sound- The Curse [No More Heroes]
  19. Sade- Lovers Rock [Lovers Rock]
  20. Nina Simone- Feeling Good (Joe Claussell Remix) [Verve Remixed]
  21. Alice Russell- Hurry On Now [Shapes vol. 1???]
  22. Bobby Hughes Combination- Karens Kerma [Nhu Golden Era]
  23. Nicola Conte- Kind of Sunshine [New Directions]
  24. Shirley Horn- New York on Sunday [Travlin’ Light]
  25. Scott Bradlee & The Postmodern Jukebox (feat. Miche Braden) -Sweet Child O’ Mine [Twist is the New Twerk]
  26. Billie Holiday- Lover Man [Verve Billie Holiday Songbook]

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