The Jet Set~ A Look Back

As this show comes to an end I find myself looking back on its long colorful history. the 1st thing I did was look back through my old blogs, two of them in fact:

As I did, all of the old songs that I played started to play in my head, as if i’m hearing them for the 1st time.  I remembered so many things, incredible gigs, loves lost, everything.

But alas, all things must come to an end, and in the end, everything dies. But when things do, other things are reborn. 1, a great new show starts, with DJ Looker, and 2, this show becomes a podcast. you can find it here:

It’ll be updated every once in a while, AND I still have my HPR show, Bridging the Gap .

Some of the Memories:
In StudioBanzaiDiploKTUH All StaffRecords

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