Jet Set on KTUH January 16th, 2013

New Years Eve Photo Booth Picture with KTUH’s DJ Zilla.
Set List:

  1. The Seatbelts- Tank!
  2. The Capitol Sound- A Selection of ESL Music (mixed by Break ‘n’ Chill
  3. Billie Holiday- I Hear Music (Swingsett & Takuya Remix)
  4. Thievery Corporation- Lebanese Blond (French Version)
  5. Thievery Corporation- Mandala
  6. David Starfire- Indian Fever
  7. Free the Robots- Yoga Fire
  8. The Warheads- JB Dub
  9. Govinda- There Was Evolution
  10. Govinda- From Your Mind
  11. The Bed Used for the show- Debashish Bhattachaya- Mahima
  12. David Starfire- House of Bhangra
  13. David Starfire – Big Chillin
  14. David Starfire- Knight Riddim
  15. The Beatles-Day in the Life (David Starfire Remix)
  16. David Starfire- Jumpin Off
  17. David Starfire- Road to Cairo
  18. RJD2- All for You
  19. Cocorosie- Lemonade
  20. Karen Ann- Life on Mars?
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