Bridging the Gap on HPR2 January 12th, 2013

Bridging the Gap on HPR2 every Saturday Night from 6-8pm on 89.3fm in HNL.

Set List:

  1. Stan Getz/Luiz Bonfa- Menina Flor [Sounds from the Verve Hi-Fi]
  2. Ramsay Lewis Trio- Samba De Orfeu [Bossa Nova]
  3. Brazilian Trio- Embalo [Constelacao]
  4. Desmond Williams- Um Favor [Delights of the Garden]
  5. Jazz juice- Canto De Ossanha [52nd Street]
  6. Forro in the Dark- Asa Branca (feat. David Bryne) [S/T]
  7. Afro Cubism- Mali Cuba [S/T]
  8. Buena Vista Social Club- Chan Chan [S/T]
  9. Chucho Valdés- La Comparsa [New Conceptions]
  10. Jack Contanzo- En La Noche [Back From Havana]
  11. The Conga Kings- Manteca [Jazz Descarga]
  12. Federico Aubele- Esta Noche [Grand Hotel Buenos Aries]
  13. Madeline Peyroux- Blue Alert [Half the Perfect World]
  14. Melody Gardot- Baby I’m a Fool [My One & Only Thrill]
  15. Bill Evans Trio- Alice in Wonderland (Take 2) [Sunday at the Village Vanguard]
  16. Billie Holiday- Easy Living [The Collection]
  17. (Leslie) Feist- Leisure Suite [Let it Die]
  18. Sonny Rollins- Will You Be Mine? [Freedom Suite]
  19. Keith Jarret- Butch & Butch [Up For It]
  20. Jimmy Smith- Night Train [The Definitive (Verve)]
  21. Charles Mingus- Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting [Blues and Roots]
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