Bridging the Gap (1st Show!) on HPR2

We Are a Go! The Debut of Bridging the Gap, my new show on Hawaii Public Radio 2.

  1. Stan Getz & Luiz Bonfa- Menina Flor
  2. Bola Sete & Vince Guaraldi- Ginza Samba
  3. Bebel Gilberto- Samba Da Bencao
  4. Zimbo Trio- Zimbo Samba [Nicola Conte Presents Viagem Vol. 2)
  5. Ramon Leal- Chovendo Na Roseria [Da Chave]
  6. Rosalia De Souza- Mar Azul [Garota Moderna]
  7. Johnny Lyte- Summertime [New & Groovy]
  8. Quantic and His Combo Babaro- Una Tarde En Mariquita [Look Around the Corner]
  9. Orchestre Baobab- El Son De Llama [Putumayo presents Afro-latino]
  10. Willie Bobo- Lisa [Sounds from the Verve Hi-Fi]
  11. Joe Bataan- Subway Joe [Big Bad Boogaloo, Latin Boogaloo from the Big Apple]
  12. Machito w/ Cannonball Adderly – Congo Mulence [Putumayo Presents Latin Jazz]
  13. Ibrahim Ferrer- Bruca Manigua [Buena Vista Social Club Presents: Ibrahim Ferrer]
  14. Cubanismo- Mambo UK [Mucho Gusto; The Best of Cubanismo]
  15. Diesler- Cotton Wool [Tru Thoughts Shapes Vol. 1]
  16. Paco de Lucia- Entre Dos Aguas [Entre Dos Aguas]
  17. Federico Aubele- La Esquina [Panamericana]
  18. Thievery Corporation – Meu Destino “My Destiny” [The Richest man in Babylon]
  19. Embee- Shibuya [Tellings From Solitaria]
  20. Greyboy- La Jolla [Freestylin’]
  21. Dexter Gordon- Soy Califa [A Swingin’ Affair]
  22. Indigo jam Unit- Roots [Roots]
  23. Povo- East On West [Babylon Central OST]

Thank You All so much for listening!

And Huge THANK YOU to:
Noe Tanigawa (for setting this whole thing up)
Charles Husson (for the education)
Ray Cruz (for EVEN More education)
Michael Titterton (for believing in me)
Gene Evans (for multiple words of encouragement)
Gwen Palagi (for the initial contact)

and to All My wonderful, wonderful listeners!

dj mr.nick

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