the JET SET: February 22rd 2012

University of Hawaii Bathroom Humor….. 

  1. Luke Vibert- Cowboy Bebop Remix
  2. Lambchop- If Not I’ll Just Die 
  3. Stateless- Falling Into (Swell Session’s Boy Wonder Remix) 
  4. Wicked Lestor- Chocolate 
  5. Eric Lau- Right Side 
  6. Federico Aubele- Ante Tus Ojos 
  7. Bill Evans Trio- Alice in Wonderland (Take 2) 
  8. Suzanne Vega- Caramel 
  9. CéU- Vagarosa 
  10. Sarah Vaughn- Come Rain, Come Shine 
  11. Bebel Gilberto- Samba Da Bencao 
  12. Yann Tiersen- La Valse D’Amélie 
  13. Squirrel Nut Zippers- St. Louis Cemetery Blues
  14. Cesaria Evora- Isolada 
  15. The Dining Rooms- Tunnel 
  16. Air- La Femme d’Argent
  17. Mo’ Horizons – Yes, Baby Yes (Sally Said) 
  18. Lal Meri- Dreams of 18
  19. Metropolitan Jazz Affair- Singe (New School Mix) 
  20. Bob & Gene- These Lonely Nights 
  21. The Funk Ark- Horchata 
  22. Diesler- Cotton Wool 
  23. Bobby Hughes Combination- B & S
  24. Gerardo Frisina- Calle De Candela 
  25. Body Language- Seeds of Sight 
  26. Rebirth Brass Band- Let’s Go Get ‘Em 
  27. Gerardo Frisina- Gosto De Que E Bom 
  28. Ibrahim Ferrer- Bruca Maniguá
  29. Soil and “Pimp” Sessions- JUNK
  30. The Drastics- Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough 
  31. Dimitri From Paris- Sacre Francais 
  32. Otis Redding- Respect
  33. The Apples- …the Journey Continues 
  34. Ursula 1000- Rivera Rendezvous  
  35. All Good Funk Alliance- Direct me to a Remedy 
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