the JET SET – January 25th 2012

DJ Vadim On Air In the Studio Tonight 7pm! Tune into KTUH 90.3fm!

  1. Luke Vibert- Cowboy Bebop Remix
  2. Embee- Gothia Limone (Remix)
  3. Desmond Williams- Um Favor
  4. Les Baxter- Tropicando
  5. Chemical Brothers- Hoops
  6. Radio Citizen- El Celio
  7. Eric Lau- The Garden
  8. DJ Vadim- Black is the Night
  9. Federico Aubele- Luna Y Sol
  10. Fillet of Soul- Only Your Friends
  11. Flying Lotus- Massage Situation
  12. White Hinterland- Icarus
  13. Radio Citizen- The Hop
  14. Karen Be- Coconut Wata (Helmet Conspiracy Remix)
  15. DJ Vadim- Fear Feats (feat. Emo and Syrus)
  16. Second Sky- Messenger (DJ Melo Remix)
  17. Quantic- Sound of Everything
  18. DJ Vadim and the Electric- So Now You Know
  19. DJ Vadim and The Electric- Toot Toot
  20. Greyboy- Roughneck Jazz
  21. DJ Vadim- Solider
  22. DJ Vadim- Hidden Treasure
  23. Eric Lau- It’s Time
  24. J. Fader- Kindness of Strangers
  25. DJ Vadim- R3 Imagination
  26. D-T3ch- Kindness of Strangers
  27. Jeremy Sole’s Musicas- Skalypso Vamp (Nickodemus Remix)
  28. Drumagick- Checkmate!
  29. Don Drummond- Musical Communion
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