the JET SET – January 18th 2012

the JET SET Tonight on KTUH 90.3…. Tune in 6-9pm! 

and Please take action AGAINST SOPA and PIPA:

  1. Luke Vibert- Cowboy Bebop Remix
  2. Nicola Conte- New Standards 
  3. Michael Tello- Barrio Beats 
  4. Ohm Guru- Please Please Please 
  5. Madeline Peyroux- Dance Me to the End of Love 
  6. Nujabes- Rainyway Back Home 
  7. Nightmares on Wax- 70’s, 80’s 
  8. Soul Coughing- Soft Serve 
  9. DJ Smash- Lounge Mode 
  10. RJD2- To All Of You 
  11. Gotan Project- Santa Maria 
  12. Beats Antique- Beauty Beats 
  13. Desmond Williams- Um Favor 
  14. State of Bengal- Flight IC408 
  15. Drumagick- Checkmate! 
  16. The Solsonics – Jazz in the Present Tense 
  17. Big John Patton- Let ‘Em Roll 
  18. Dexter Gordon- Soy Califa 
  19. DJ Smash- Bassanova 
  20. Radio Citizen (feat. Bajk) – The Hop 
  21. Plastyc Buddha- Rhodes Royce 
  22. Battles- inchworm
  23. Anchorsong- At The Hyatt 
  24. Soil and “Pimp” Sessions- Junk 
  25. Bebel Gilberto- Samba Da Bencao 
  26. Second Sky- Hundred Million (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Remix) 
  27. 4HERO- Les Fluer 
  28. Herbert- The Audience 
  29. The Blow-Hey Boy (Cut Short) 
  30. Mark Murphy- Stolen Moments (Nicola Conte Midnight Mood Rework) 
  31. Solange- Stillness is the Move 
  32. Peggy Lee- Fever (Gabin Edit) 
  33. d-t3ch- Kindness of Strangers 
  34. Jeremy Sole’s Musicas- Skalypso Vamp (Nickodemus Remix)
  35. Novalima- Zarambe 
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