the JET SET, June 29th 2011

  1. The Undisputed Truth- Smiling Faces Sometimes (Futureshock Main Ingredient Mix) 
  2. Jolie Holland- Black Stars 
  3. O Trangulo- Voce Que Nao Vem 
  4. Billie Holiday- Fine and Mellow
  5. Federico Aubele- Cognito 
  6. Bedouin Soundclash- Brural Hearts (feat. Coeur De Pirate) 
  7. Thievery Corporation- Take My Soul 
  8. Belo Velloso- Toda Sexta-Feira 
  9. Antonio Chainho- Rotas Maritimas 
  10. Herman Dune- An Afternoon Dance party
  11. Headless Heroes- Just Like Honey
  12. Alice Russell- Hurry On Now
  13. Lord Creator- Kingston Town 
  14. Ella Fitzgerald- Down Hearted Blues 
  15. Zee Avi-  Bitter Heart 
  16. Opensouls- Standing in the Rain 
  17. Dorothy Ashby- It’s A Minor Thing 
  18. Headless Heroes- Blues Run the Game 
  19. Zero 7- Throw it All Away 
  20. Thievery Corporation- Light Flares
  21. Bonobo- D Song 
  22. Soul Coughing- Circles 
  23. Etta James- 7 Day Fool (Whiskey Barrons Edit) 
  24. Ceseria Evora- Velocidade
  25. CeU- Rosa Menia Rosa 
  26. Federico Aubele- Despertar 
  27. Bajofando Tango Club- Mi Corazon 
  28. Nicola Conte- Kind of Sunshine 
  29. Koop- Koop Island Blues 
  30. Lambchop- Up With People (Zero 7 Remix) 
  31. Embee (feat. Jose Gonzalez)- Send Someone Away 
  32. Jem- Just A Ride 
  33. Irma Thomas- I Count the Tears 
  34. Federico Aubele- La Esquina 
  35. Shirley Bassey- Easy Thing To Do (Nightmares on Wax Remix) 
  36. Zimpala- New Home 
  37. Masterclass- Love Quest 
  38. Greenskeepers- Back in the Wild 
  39. Suba- Felicidade 
  40. Astrud Gilberto- Here Comes That Rainy Day (Koop Remix) 
  41. Bebel Gilberto- Samba De Bencao 
  42. Rithma- Still Waiting 
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