the JET SET, June 8th 2011

  1. Seatbelts- Tank! 
  2. Nostalga 77- Quiet Dawn (Example of the Twelves) 
  3. International Observer- Popcorn (BDO Opium Den Mix) 
  4. Ramon Leal- Chovendo Na Roseria 
  5. Gaucho- Waiting 
  6. Johnny Lytle- Selim
  7. Elizabeth Shepard Trio- Four 
  8. Quantic and His Combo Babaro- The Dreaming Mind (Part 1) 
  9. Koop- Summer Sun 
  10. Willie Bobo- Grazing in the Grass 
  11. Out of Sight Products- Destination of a Shadow 
  12. White Hinterland- Icarus 
  13. O Triangulo- Voce Que Nao Vem 
  14. Gaucho- Pazzo 
  15. Squirrel Nut Zippers- The Ghost of Stephen Foster 
  16. Elizabeth Shepard- Reversed (Nostalgia 77 Remix) 
  17. Skeewiff- Skeewiff VS. Big Les 
  18. Poets of Rhythm- Moira 
  19. SoundProviders- Autumns Evening Breeze 
  20. Elizabeth Shepard Trio- High 
  21. Skeewiff- Now I’m Living For Me 
  22. Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers- Swingy Boogaloo (Ian Toole Tropical Edit) 
  23. The Apples- …The Journey Continues…
  24. The Revolutionaries- 79 Rock 
  25. Western Roots- Rockers Galore 
  26. Billy the Squid- Organ Donor (Farm Fresh Remix) 
  27. Skeewiff- Bump Bump (feat. Young MC) 
  28. Panama Cardoon- 30 Thirsty Mix (30 Min Mix) 
  29. Yomakomba- Sundance Groove 
  30. Kraak & Smaak- Call Up To Heaven 
  31. Marisa Barroso- Sem Fin 
  32. Cornershop- United Provinces of India 
  33. Paul Simon- 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (The Apple Scruffs Edit) 
  34. Skeewiff- Come Ray, Come Charles 
  35. White Stripes VS. Led Zepplin- Icky Thump Whole Lotta Funk (DJ Zebra Mashup) 
  36. Ray Lugo- Love Me Goof (feat. Roxy ray) 
  37. Azaxx- Carioca Paradise 
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